• Extra Crystals

    180 - 200 gm bags.


    We offer extra crystals listed below. You change them easily to get the most out of your bottle and raise your vibration in any area you need it.


    Red Agate – Red in colour, helps to reignite the fire in your heart!

    Also known as Fire Agate as it is said to help re-light the fire within your heart. If you are feeling a bit flat or need to start to feel yourself again, this is the crystal for you. It is said to help you build a protective shield around your body to ward off any ill-wishes or harm. It is said to stimulate sexuality and libido and create a strong positive energy and life force around you.


    Tigers Eye – Brown with golden bands through it, helps to release fear and anxiety.

    A super powerful crystal that helps to release fear and anxiety, and helps to bring in harmony and balance. It is a protection stone that brings the wearer good luck and fortune, and helps the mind to focus. Tigers Eye can also bring prosperity so if you are looking to boost your wealth or money flow, this is a great stone to carry around with you.


    Amethyst – Purple in colour, for spiritual protection and purification

    One of the most popular crystals, Amethyst is good for so many things, its going to be hard to list them all. One of the most interesting things Amethyst is meant for is to prevent drunkenness! It has a sobering effect and helps people to overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds. It is also great for healing your body and boosting hormone production and tunes the endocrine system and aides metabolism.


    Clear Quartz – clear, no colour, but is the master of all healing crystals

    If you feel like you need direction and clarity then this is the crystal for you, this is the most powerful and versatile healing stone. Clear Quartz encourages clarity of thought and purpose to one’s heart. Clear Quartz also helps you to establish a really strong and clear connection with a higher guidance.


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