Why Tigers Eye???

We all need a little protection from the outside forces of life trying to bring us down don't we? Well i think so. The media, the world, sometimes social media depending on what you consume, other people, all are geared towards trying to pull us down.

It takes a lot to be strong and not allow those negative forces to effect us. So in walks wee Tigers Eye to protect us! In my old job i worked in retail and when it was a full moon or mercury in retrograde, i used to wear this one in my bra to ward off all the ill feelings others would try to force on me.

Not only is it a protector but it also is said to bring luck to the wearer, i am not keen to leave it to chance and not wear one when i need a little luck on my side!

If you did not already know Tiger's Eye is brown in colour with beautiful specs of yellow running through it.

If you are into Chakra cleansing then this is a good stone for your lower Chakra's the base, sacral and solar plexus Chakra's.

So hopefully now with these simple explanations you can see why i chose this to be in my range, so get yourself a Crystal Water Bottle from The Crystal Bottle Co and become a #crystalbottleclub member today!!!!

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