Why a Crystal Infused Water Bottle???

Hi All,

I wanted to write a little note about Crystal Infused Water Bottles, why i started and why I believe you should get one.

So i am a survivor of a toxic, violence filled relationship. I grew up never thinking this would be my life, i had a good family, a good job and things like this never happened in my family home growing up. When i decided to leave i was in a dark place and a friend kindly put me onto her Spiritual Medium and this whole world of crystals was opened up to me.

My lovely lady gave me a crystal and the rest is history. I started to meditate and use the crystals and feel better. I got stronger emotionally and physically. I saw things a different way and even forgave my ex husband. I was holding onto a whole lot of stuff that wasn't hurting anyone but me. So crystals gave me that part of me back.

Fast forward to me being made redundant in January 2019 from a job i loved for 12 years and i decided to make my passion my job. So i sourced the bottles and crystals and now sell them in Australia and America.

The theory being the crystals as i explain to most people, you know when you walk into a room and you can feel the energy, mostly we can only feel the bad energy like after a fight. Well crystals hold energy, they are charged under the full moon once a month and each different coloured crystal holds a different meaning.

When you place the crystals in the bottom of the water bottle, they don't need to touch the water to get the energy from it. It then infuses your water by being close to it, with the energy of the crystal and you then get to drink the water that has been charged with the essence of the crystal.

My dream is that crystals become main stream and we seek inside ourselves to heal rather than trying to go to a doctor and get medicine, the mind is a powerful tool and i believe that with a bit more love, bit more belief in ourselves the world would be a much better place.

Love and Light.


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