My Story

Welcome to The Crystal Bottle Co and thanks for visiting my website. I am Cassie and I wanted to say hi and give you a little back story about how we came to be.


I was made redundant from my job in January 2019 which lead me to making my passion my job as I really didn’t want to go back and get another 9-5 that took me away from my young son anymore.


My Love of crystals started when i was introduced to them by a friend and also started seeing a Spiritual Medium who used them and gave me my first crystal. I was recovering from some trauma and used crystals to raise my energy and put my faith in something higher than myself to heal myself.


I would listen to guided meditation at night with crystals on my head or chest and under my pillow and i would have amazing dreams and wake up feeling better and better each day. I was in a highly sales driven role and would also often wear crystals in my bra and would have amazing sales on those days.


It was then that i wanted to make crystals become more main stream and show everyday people that they could use Crystals to help them also. I don’t consider myself to be 'out there' or anything like that so wanted to show that everyone can use them and reap the benefits.


My mission is to make crystals become mainstream as I believe that many people perceive crystals to be used by 'hippies' only. Using Crystals can raise our vibration (energy) and put us on the right track to be the best version of ourselves and live a fulfilled life.


Life throws challenges our way on a daily basis, and I believe that if you can raise your vibration and energy it can give you the power to handle whatever life throws at you. This will in turn help to improve the quality of your relationships, friendships, working life and parenting etc.


The reason for starting this business and the vision I have is that I want make a difference for survivors of domestic violence, and show women that they can leave and make something positive of their lives.


Donations will be made to White Ribbon and also The Sanctuary which is a halfway house for women before moving into permanent accommodation. When you are buying my products you are healing yourself, saving the planet and contributing to survivors or domestic violence as well.

Cassie Ohi

Managing Director


So what are crystals and their benefits?


Crystals are found in many different countries and are usually formed in nature when liquids start to cool and harden and they create different colours in the stones.


Crystals transfer their energy to you when you touch or hold them close to you. Each different coloured crystal represents a different energy source. Holding them in your hand or putting them on your body helps promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

When Crystals are put near water, once they have been cleaned and charged, the water absorbs the energetic vibrations of the crystals, it stores the energy and becomes good for drinking.


Energy is the property that must be transferred to an object in order for it to work. Energy can be converted in form but it cannot be created or destroyed.

The Crystals

red agate.jpg

Also known as Fire Agate as it is said to help re-light the fire within your heart. If you are feeling a bit flat or need to start to feel yourself again, this is the crystal for you. It is said to help you build a protective shield around your body to ward off any ill-wishes or harm. It is said to stimulate sexuality and libido and create a strong positive energy and life force around you.

Red Agate – Red in colour, helps to reignite the fire in your heart!

tigers eye.jpg

A super powerful crystal that helps to release fear and anxiety, and helps to bring in harmony and balance. It is a protection stone that brings the wearer good luck and fortune, and helps the mind to focus. Tigers Eye can also bring prosperity so if you are looking to boost your wealth or money flow, this is a great stone to carry around with you.

Tigers Eye – Brown with golden bands through it, helps to release fear and anxiety.


One of the most popular crystals, Amethyst is good for so many things, its going to be hard to list them all. One of the most interesting things Amethyst is meant for is to prevent drunkenness! It has a sobering effect and helps people to overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds. It is also great for healing your body and boosting hormone production and tunes the endocrine system and aides metabolism.

Amethyst – Purple in colour, for spiritual protection and purification


If you feel like you need direction and clarity then this is the crystal for you, this is the most powerful and versatile healing stone. Clear Quartz encourages clarity of thought and purpose to one’s heart. Clear Quartz also helps you to establish a really strong and clear connection with a higher guidance.

Clear Quartz – clear, no colour, but is the master of all healing crystals