Raise your vibration, increase positivity and help save the planet, with our Crystal Water Bottles and Reusable Steel Straws.

About Us

Here at the Crystal Bottle Co, my mission is to show how Crystals can be used in everyday life. I want to break down the stigma that crystals are used only by some people and show you that EVERYBODY can benefit from putting faith into the physical, emotional and spiritual healing energy of crystals.


I am the first to tell you that there is no scientific proof that their energetic powers heal, but I can speak from experience and say that having crystals introduced to me did changed the trajectory of my life. So much so that my new passion has formed and now here we are. Holding crystals on your body, wearing them as rings or necklaces and having them in your drinking water allows the positive energy of Crystals to be transferred to the body’s energetic field, otherwise known as the bodies seven chakra’s.


When crystals are put with water, it is said that the water absorbs the energetic vibrations of the crystals, stores the energy, and when you drink the water you are ingesting that energy and goodness.

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